FlightCheck Online

FlightCheck Online checks digital files against customized preflight rules sets defined by the receiving side (printers, service bureaus, etc.).

The sender is automatically notified of required corrections before the job is transmitted and instantly receives confirmation when it is accepted. The sender may not alter the preflight rules sets in any way, giving the receiver complete control over the condition of the files received through their very own, customized FlightCheck Online solution.

When preflight is completed, FlightCheck Online will automatically collect all available necessary files including elements such as fonts and images. The collected job is then compressed and can be uploaded to the printers FTP server or can be saved onto your local machine

With FlightCheck Online you can quickly and easily check, collect, compress, and send your job over the Internet to your printer. Many common desktop publishing documents can be preflighted with FlightCheck Online.

The backend server will be able to operate on Windows NT/2000, Windows 2003 Server, Linux, and Mac OS X systems.


  • Pre-built web templates that can be modified to your branding
  • Automated customer ID/Password login with database
  • Complete administration services
  • Preflight Rule Set management
  • Easy to edit customer feedback for preflight errors
  • Customer transaction logs with error report and file retrieval
  • The look and feel can be tailored to match your corporate identity
  • No Hassle Uploads
  • Cross platform Mac/Windows functionality

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