ex TranslationWorkflowWW

PlugIn to connect ex TranslationFilter and WoodWing

This PlugIn makes ex TranslationFilter WoodWing-aware, allowing for tighter integration of translation workflows in a WoodWing environment and automation of translation tasks.

ex TranslationWorkflowWW is basically a PlugIn for InDesign-Server or InDesign (desktop application) and a client for the SmartTranslation Solution. It requires the "ex TranslationFilter Plug-In" and makes this Plug-In "article-aware".

ex TranslationWorkflowWW is designed for two different workflows:

  • Edition-based Workflow: Layouts contain one edition per language. When a layout is prepared for translation, all articles are duplicated from the source language into their respective target language editions. Thus, one layout contains articles for each language.

  • Metadata-based Workflow: A layout is created in its source language. Source language, target language, priority etc. are configured as custom attributes in WoodWing and applied to the layout and its articles. When the layout is exported for translation, it is duplicated in its entirety for each target language and optionally placed in a dossier.

Translation of articles can then continue either locally or by sending exported XLIFF files to translators.

For more information about SmartTranslation Solution click here:

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