ex PlanDispatcher

PlanDispatcher is a flat plan "light" and production tracking solution for publishers - running in any modern browser with Flash support.

ex PlanDispatcher is fully integrated into an editorial system like QPS/QPP or (in an upcoming version) WoodWing Enterprise.


ex PlanDispatcher provides a comfortable production tracking and Produktions-Planung direkt im Browser. 

Key Features of production tracking:

  • Shows Thumbnails of all pages in WYSIWYG or geometry mode
  • Shows previewof a page
  • Shows status of the layouts and articles
  • Scale the plan view

Key Features planning:

  • Create plans for issues
  • Maintain templates for plans
  • Maintain revisions of plans
  • Maintain layout templates for publications and sections
  • Connect layout templates to plan pages
  • Insert / remove pages from plan
  • maintain sections and apply them to plan pages

ex PlanDispatcher also provides additional features for layouts like change page order by drag&drop pages around and the automatically UpDate of layout page numbers via InDesign/QuarkXPress Server PlugIn and some more.

Also an Interface to an advertising system is available (optional). Import lists of ads, column grid for ad placement are supported and it is possible to show all unplaced / placed ads in the list.

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