An automated workflow for picture optimization (format, resolution, crop, color space, olor optimization) can be realized by using ex ImageDeskXT in combination with picture optimization software like FotoWare Color Factory, Elpical Claro Premedia or AGFA Arkitex IntelliTune.

Pictureworkflow with ex ImageDesk using the example of Fotoware Color Factory

In this workflow, ex ImageDeskXT transfers a XML file "Job Request" to the picture optimization application. This XML file refers to a copy of a picture contained in a QuarkXPress document and contains the additional settings made in ex ImageDeskXT regarding picture quality and format.

Using the information contained in the XML file the optimization application applies the desired crop, resolution and color space to the picture. When the  application has finished the optimization the optimized version of the picture is sent back via the XML file "Process Result" to ex ImageDeskXT.

Depending on the settings in ex ImageDeskXT the optimized picture files will be checked into the "Quark Publishing System (QPS)" or copied within the file system. The original picture in the QuarkXPress document will be replaced with the optimized version. The color versions (CMYK/Gray Scale) generated by this  workflow can be exchanged by ex ImageDeskXT against each other at any time.

After selecting the correct crop the picture will be sent into the workflow.

As soon as the picture has been sent from ex ImageDeskXT to the picture optimization application, a orange visual indicator appears in the picture box which shows, this picture is in the workflow and has not  been  updated in the QuarkXPress document.

As soon as a green visual indicator is visible, the picture has been tuned by the picture optmization application and has been updated in the QuarkXPress document. It is now a CMYK picture and fits a 100% in the picture box.

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