ex GraphQuery

Get a preview in a aditionall palette in CopyDesk or in QuarkXPress

The XTension creates a current preview of all layouts viewed in CopyDesk or QuarkXPress in a palette without checking out the layout. The preview can either be seen in WYSIWYG-Mode or as page geometry. In the geometry mode, the status of each article is depicted by the status color according to the QPS configuration. The status of the entire page can also be viewed by its color or which articles have been checked out by another user or oneself. Any changes made on the page are automatically updated. For automatic and updated picture preview generation, the PreviewCreator (running on a dedicated Mac with QuarkXPress) checks out a layout as soon as an article on the layout has been checked in with changes. The XTension updates the layout and creates a new preview which can be viewed in QuarkXPress or in CopyDesk at the actual updated version. The user can easily check-out and check-in articles right from the preview palette. In cooperation with the XTension ’ ex Message a user can automatically send a message to another user who has an article checked out that they need to work on.


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