ex FolderWatch

Process-automatisation through the monitoring of folders wich contains QuarkXPress documents

ex FolderWatch allows the monitoring of a variable number of folders. Contained QuarkXPress documents will be recognized automatically. Predefined processes will be executed automatically.

The folders can contain subfolders. All QuarkXPress documents in the subfolders will be recognized as well. Jobs can be defined, wich trigger on special predefined functions of other XTensions. These functions could be:

To work with ex FolderWatch a dedicated computer with QuarkXPress is needed. All founded QuarkXPress documents in the folder will be opened and the predefined job will be executed. After the job is done the QuarkXPress document will be closed automatically.

If the job is done and the document is closed the document will be moved into a target-folder or in case of an occured error into a predefined error-folder.

In "Choose Process" active XTensions like ex PrintTools, ex XML Exporter or ex TranslationFilter are listed and they can be selected with the desired option.

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