Connects QuarkXPress to databases

Xcatalog is a powerful bi-directional linking tool for creating transparent links between your QuarkXPress documents and external data. With these links in place, you never have to enter or update your data in two places (documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from the most current version.

You can use Xcatalog to update prices, graphics, or product information--even change versions or swap languages--automatically. If you have different pricing regions, use Xcatalog to swap the prices in for each region--automatically.

Xcatalog is also available in a Pro-Version. Difference:

Pro Version:
The Pro version of Xcatalog differs from the normal version by offering ODBC support, providing connectivity to "big iron" databases such as Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server, as well as (under Windows) connectivity to Access databases and Excel files.


NOTE:  At the moment the Version Xcatalog for QXP 10 is only available for Windows - MAC will be available soon.


There is no support for QXP8 and older.


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