Auto-merge linked Word/Excel files for production bliss

Em WordsFlow enabling authors and editors to continue working on story source files while you work on the same placed story in InDesign.

WordsFlow does this by "merge-updating" from changed Word or Excel files, rather than letting InDesign just re-import over all your work.
It works with the standard file linking machinery you're already using for grafics, so there's nothing new to learn.

Pro works with Excel (one way)

The Pro version of WordsFlow also works with imported Excel spreadsheets files as well as word files. You can place a spreadsheet file, then format columns/rows or individual cells, etc. in InDesign. Later, if you make changes to the original spreadsheet, including moving around rows or columns, WordsFlow will figure out what changed, and merge in the chenages without losing the formatting and edits you've made in InDesign.

WordsFlow Pro doesn't support two-way workflow with Excel documents, for now.

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