Sonar Bookends Pro

Creates index

Designed to make automatic indexing in as smart and easy as possible, Sonar Bookends Professional allows you to index a document that consists of one file or hundreds of files.

Indexing is simple - just provide a list of items that you want indexed and in minutes you have a complete index. Don't have a list? No problem. Sonar Bookends Professional can create a list of words based on frequency, a list of proper nouns detected using capitalization and punctuation rules, or it can actually parse the text in your document and create a list of suggested subjects to index! Clean up the list - add or remove entries, merge one list with another - and in minutes you will have your index. A plethora of other enhanced features makes this an indexing system second to none; and all popular desktop-publishing file formats, including PDF, are supported.

Sonar Bookend consists a new optional feature that allows you to made an index of an entire web site. The index is created in html format so that anyone with a browser can view all of the web page that mention an item of interest in the index. This is not a seaching system, but generates a static index file with hypertext links. The feature costs 75 € additional.

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