Sidney XT

Takes required texts and pictures on a palette, which then can be placed on a page with Drag&Drop

Sidney is an XTension, which "knows", where the required elements (text, pictures...) within a file are situated and lists them in a palette. The operator only has to drag them with the mouse on the desktop. If necessary, a 1:1 preview of the file can be opened with the XTension.

Sidney also imports so called "Runsheets", which are textstrings referring to a saving place of files in order to make them available in QuarkXPress (e.g. ad lists or entries out of databases).

Furthermore it is possible to define special folders, which are scanned by Sidney to make all elements which came along recently automatically available for working with QuarkXPress. The elements can be shown in the palette as thumbnails, pictures and graphics even in original size. From there they can be positioned directly on the QuarkXPress surface optionally showing the coordinates. 

Before ultimate placing the scaling of pictures and for texts the number of columns can be definitely specified. Several elements can be combined in sets that may contain as well folders as single files (text and images).

The elements managed by Sidney can be updated automatically in case of belated changes. The status information shows among others over- or underset in texts.




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