Splits one text box into separate boxes based on predefined stylesheets

This XTension is developed in order to do the time consuming task of creating each box manually for an article.

Key Features:

  • Split one box into separate boxes. Select a defined Article style and ShapeTeXT will automatically generate the boxes needed for Header, Lead, Bodytext or whatever format you want. You can quickly change the layout of an article by selecting an Article Style from the ShapeTeXT palette. You can choose to link the boxes as well. It has been tested with QPS, and works well.
  • Define Article styles using simple macro commands.
  • Add a frame to an article. All elements in the article are changed
    in order to give room for the frame.
  • Gutter lines, between columns, above, below, to left and right of
  • Scale selected text to fill box.
  • Change box size to fit the text of the box exactly, either horizontally or vertically.

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