Product development - nothing off the rack...

Our hard- and software solutions are not "off the rack", they are always aimed at our customers needs! Therefore we develop software solutions, which can be completely new systems or just modifications, in an intensive dialogue with our customers. Our products are always customized solutions.

As a matter of fact, our self developed and modular built publishing- and adsystem COPAN realizes smooth and effective publication productions in several publishing and production companies.
Every single module naturally can be integrated into foreign systems as a "stand alone" module. 

In addition we are a leading provider of XTensions™ for the products of  Quark Inc.™ e.g. QuarkXPress™, QuarkCopyDesk, QuarkXPress-Server und QPS. Under the trademark "extended technologies" we have developed several XTensions™, which are sold and used in the international market. Find more than 800 XTensions™ and PlugIns for Adobe InDesign™ and Photoshop™ for a wide variety of program requirements.