RGB Alert

checks QuarkXPress documents for RGB Tiff or EPS graphics

The RGB Alert XTension is a comprehensive and flexible prepress production tool that will preemptively check QuarkXPress documents for RGB TIFF or EPS graphics and will warn the user if a problem exists. It additionally has the capability to warn of spot colors applied to elements of the document. Although users have the option of running the check routines explicitly, they have the added security of knowing that the RGB Alert XT will sit in the background silently ready to forewarn of any RGB instances at Print time, when creating an EPS file or when opening or saving a document. It only displays an alert if there are problems. Easily navigate to the RGB's. The RGB Alert dialog can optionally caution and make the user aware of the presence of the following items in their QuarkXPress documents:

  • 8 bit TIFFs;
  • Grayscale TIFFs;
  • PICTs;
  • Empty picture boxes.

The XTension includes a facility to search for and notify of any Picture boxes containing TIFFs that have a Background color of None. The Spot Colors Used dialog provides a mechanism to turn Color Separations On for all colors that are used in the document.


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