QPS Editions

The publishing system QPS 8 is available in 2 editions:

The "Standard Edition" is suited for every company size. This edition starts with 15 concurrent connections. It can be arbitrarily increased and modified according to any company requierements

The competitively priced "Starter Edition" contains all program functions of the standrard edition, but this edition is limited concerning configuration features like concurrent connections, database connection etc. (e.g. table below)

Therefore the starter edition is the right decision for small and middle sized companies with a few publishing related employes, wich are looking for a competitively priced start into a professional publishing workflow.

An upgrade from the starter edition to the standard edition is possible everytime. In this case the price difference between both editions will be calculated.

  QPS Starter Edition QPS Standard Edition
Concurrent connections 10 (max. ) 15 - unlimited
QuarkXPress Server
Update to fullversion is not possible Update to fullversion is possible
Datenbase connection only HSQL HSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle
QuarkCopyDesk contained no yes (1 license)
Web Editor yes yes
Compulsory maintenance 1 year 1 year


QuarkXPress Server will be delivered with 4 sub-renderers but with the following restrictions:

  • no rendering of HIRes PDF possible
  • no use of "third party" XTensions possible therefore QPS  functions of the XPress server restricted

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