Transfer of assets from QCM into a Comyan database

QCM2Comyan is a Windows command line application which transfers assets from the QuarkContentManager( QCM) into a Comyan-database.

All assets contained in a QCM query will be written into a file system structure together with the meta data exported in XML format.

The defined query in QCM contains e.g. a complete issue of a newspaper, with all pages (in pdf format) and the related articles and pictures.

How it works:

If a query will be executed, QCM2Comyan will search in the QCM database for all relevant PDF pages.

Every single PDF will be exported together with the meta data (XML file) and a JPG preview. All articles and pictures related to this page is referenced in the XML file and exported as well(XML, Preview, HiRes).

QCM2Comyan exports data in the following steps:

  • Export the page (XML plus PDF)
  • Export article in a loop (XML plus article content in a second XML)
  • Export pictures belonging to the articles (XML and HiRes file in existing format)
  • Export pictures on the page, but not belonging to an article (XML and HiRes file in existing format)

All articles and pictures have a XML tag “is contained in” referring to the QCM asset-id of the article or page  to link the single articles and pictures among each other or to the different page layouts.

XML file of the complete page with asset id

XML file of a picture with reference to the page asset id

The files will be exported in a single folder per publication date - containing 3 different folder (article, pages, pictures). As a result you will get complete files categorized per pub date in the export root folder

The accompanying Comyan importer will delete / move the files after succesful import.

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