Outlines and shadows for fonts directly in XPress

With this XTension outlines and shadow effects can be created directly in XPress. Outline styles can be started with kind, size and color of a font. Saturation for filling and outline as well as color, saturation and distance of the shadow can be defined in outline styles. To generate an outline simply copy the required text parts into the Punch window where they are converted autmatically into outline. The overfill values will be created automatically. Besides price formattings are established automatically. The XTension works with all Type 1 fonts.

New functions in version 2.0:

  • assistance of a second outline
  • font can be scaled upright and horizontal
  • text can be taken directly out of a XPress text box
  • radial and linear gradients within a character    
  • EPS pictures may be used as content or background of an outline
  • the XTension was optimized for Power PC (speed advantage about 500%) 
  • function for price formatting was extended

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