Planing & Pagination

Software for planning and pagination?

The answer is:

Journal Designer oder ClassWizard!

Journal Designer is the leading software application for magazine planning since years. The product is convincing with it's high flexibility and configuration possibilities as well as it's close integration in the editoriel workflow.

Also concerning pagination we are happy that we could offer our customers one of the leading products of the last years - ClassWizard!

ClassWizard is especially developed for the work in newspapers and advertising journals . The product convinces by it's highspeed  transfer of big datavolumes, as well as it's platform neutral and therefore very flexible applicability.

Classwizard is an independent planning and makeup system for fast, efficient newspaper and magazine print production. From the parts page to the collective to the insert – writing and advertising pages in various formats and for various products can be processed separately or together. Even large numbers of advertisements can be made up at high speed. In short: Classwizard speeds up planning and imposition several times over! [more...]
JournalDesigner is the perfect solution for publication planning for newspapers and magazines. While planning the contents of an issue, it takes into account such important elements as ad-customer requirements [exclusion of competitive ads, editorial environment etc.], and technical specifications [coupons, stickers, color schemes] as well as editorial preferences. These factors are all brought together and evaluated as an issue moves through the planning stages and is brought to press..[more...]