Completely automatic creation of EPS/PDF files of QuarkXPress documents out of hotfolders

Completely automatic creation of EPS/PDF files of QuarkXPress documents out of hotfolders
Batch processing of complete folder structures
Summarizing of single pages to whole-PDF-outputs
Automatic insertion of bookmarks
Ideal for the automatic archiving of the entire production of a year in PDF format - see also -> ex EPSCreator
Supported languages: D, documentation: (at the moment only) D



What does this software package do?
Completely automatic creation of PDF or PostScript files from entire newspaper publications
Optional generating of bookmarks for Acrobat Exchange and compiling of single pages to complete editions including the integration of bookmarks



Field of application:
Creating of PDF documents from the newspaper edition produced in single pages and following compiling of PDF pages to a entire publication with Acrobat Exchange. The entire editions can be indexed with Acrobat Catalog - and the full text database on CD is ready. Generating of PDF documents as single pages and following management in an external archive system.



Supported file format:
EPS to EPS file (a printer must not be available)
PDF completely automatically controlled by Acrobat Distiller/Exchange
PostScript to a PostScript print file or to a printer

Constructed for completely automatic production workflow without a user. The QuarkXPress files are only to be saved on an optional server in the net or local on a defined folder - and the workflow begins. Several folders are provided for the processing. Bookmarks for titels/subtitels with freely defined style templates are created automatically.

What parts does this software have?
The navigating XTension 'XTend-Xport' takes over all navigating and controlling functions
ExchangeMerger: to navigate Acrobat Exchange


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