Quark® Print Collection

Fully imposed press-ready files

This feature-packed set of prepress tools supports the most recent versions of QuarkXPress® and Adobe Acrobat, the industry’s most popular publishing applications. The intuitive Quark Print Collection user interface allows you to impose native QuarkXPress layouts or PDF files quickly and simply. Extensive pagination options and advanced control over settings such as bleed and creep provide flexibility and ensure quality. Preview your impositions on screen before printing to verify accuracy and prevent waste. Maximize efficiency by saving frequently used imposition settings to use again or share with others.Quark Print Collection also includes XTensions® software for QuarkXPress 7 that lets you create custom printer marks such as registration targets, color bars, text slugs and even logos. These marks can be applied to individual items or entire pages.Everything you needQuark Print Collection is the ideal choice for publishing imposed documents, whether you are a publisher looking for an in-house solution to produce booklets and other multi-page jobs or a professional printer looking for a simple and flexible solution for your imposition needs. Quark Print Collection offers an unmatched balance of power and value — an advanced feature set at one low price.

Quark Print Collection includes the following Prepress-Tools:

1. Quark Imposer for QuarkXPress® 7 und Adobe® Acrobat® 7 und 8

  • File type choice
    Impose QuarkXPress layouts or PDF files.
  • Application choice
    Support for QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe Acrobat 7 and 8 with common feature set and interface.
  • Four sheet types
    Choose from four sheet types: 2-up, 4-up, 6-up, or 8-up.
  • Five imposition types
    Choose from five imposition types: Standard, Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Split Web, and Sheet Wise.
  • Four binding types
    Choose from four binding types: None, saddle-stitched, perfect-bound, and stacked.
  • Automatic pagination
    Pages are rearranged automatically according to the options you choose.
  • Advanced settings
    Control plate margins, gaps, bleeds, crossover and creep.
  • Imposition styles
    Save frequently used settings as re-usable imposition styles. These can also be shared with other users.
  • Preview window
    Preview imposed pages prior to output.
  • Preview options
    Display page boundaries, bleeds, and page numbers in previews.
  • Tiling
    Tile large pages across multiple sheets.
  • Registration Styles
    Utilize Quark MarkIt registration styles (QuarkXPress only).
  • Standard print controls
    Print using standard QuarkXPress and Adobe Acrobat controls.


2. Quark MarkIt for QuarkXPress 7

  • Custom registration styles
    Create custom registration styles for use on imposed pages or standard single-page output.
  • Press mark control
    Easily position press marks such as trim lines, registration targets, and color or grayscale bars by simply dragging them into a proxy of the active layout.
  • Custom items
    Customize registration styles by adding items such as a logo, a new registration mark, or even a color or grayscale bar created in any graphics program and saved as an EPS file.
  • Job information
    Add text slugs with job information to registration styles.


3. Quark Item Marks for QuarkXPress 7

  • Press marks
    Add press marks to individual items or pages.
  • Placement control
    Control the placement of press marks (including registration targets, color bars, and text slugs) and dimension arrows for crop, bleed, and safety areas.
  • Automatic guides
    Automatically position guides for crop, bleed, and safety areas.
  • Layer control
    Specify an existing layer or create a layer where all marks will be placed.

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