PM2Q is an XTensions module that imports Adobe PageMaker files into a QuarkXPress v6.x document easily and efficiently. PM2Q now supports conversion of PageMaker files to QuarkXPress v6.x.

The latest release of PM2Q lets QuarkXPress users who still receive PageMaker files save time by easily importing legacy documents into QuarkXPress 6.x. It also gives the tens of thousands of PageMaker users migrating to QuarkXPress the ability to re-use data from older applications.


  • Supports Mac QuarkXPress 6.x for Macintosh
  • Converts Mac/PC PageMaker 4.2 through 7.1 documents
  • Controls the way text runs behind, around, and pictures
  • The Pantone Hexachrome color system is fully supported
  • Supports the QuarkXPress v6.0 missing font dialog enabling

Notice: Even when using the newest technology for data conversion, the file may not be converted one-to-one because of the different operation methods QuarkXPress and InDesign have. It will be necessary to rework in most cases.

PM2Q will not be sold or supported any more.

An equivalent alternative does not exist. If you need to open PageMaker files in QuarkXPress, you could try to make an intermediate step over InDesign. PageMaker files can directly be opened in InDesign and saved also. With the XTension ID2Q these files can then be opened in QuarkXPress.


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