Creates storyboards in QuarkImmedia

PlanMedia's storyboard approach allows designers to try out ideas quickly and simply, working up the multimedia project into presentable form. 'Screens', text, images, movies, sounds and hyperlinks can be created just by dragging them to the right spot on the storyboard. All multimedia elements, and any links between them, can be monitored, copied or moved intuitively and visually. Over the base storyboard layer, PlanMedia provides an 'overlay' where the designer can visualise freely using standard drawing, text and line tools. This way of working will be familiar to anyone who has constructed storyboards manually with overlays and marker pens.
The strength of PlanMedia lies in its ability to combine the creative and production processes while tracking all linkages between screens, buttons, elements, etc.
A project layer enables the project as a whole to be previewed in thumbnail mode on screen.
PlanMedia ships with PlanMediaXT which provides a direct link to QuarkImmedia itself. Having created and organised the project, the storyboard 'screens' can be dragged into a QuarkImmedia document which 'reads' all the information from the storyboard and automatically places the objects on the QuarkImmedia pages.

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