Picture search in XPress and InDesign documents

PictureXTracker searches complete folders or also complete volumes including the sub-directories for the pictures belonging to a QuarkXPress document. In this way it is even possible to search complex file systems efficiently for picture data. If the picture is anywhere in the selected directory system, then PictureXTracker will find it. If PictureXTracker discovers several pictures with the same name while searching through the directories, the user himself can select from which directory the picture is chosen.

PictureXTracker provides various optional settings, such as for whether file suffixes are to be taken into account or not or the search is to be case sensitive, or whether the file used for assignment should always be the one with the latest date.

With the "Search and Replace" function, PictureXTracker also offers the possibility of replacing picture paths completely with others. It is even possible to change the platform by using Macintosh and Windows path separators.

Thanks to PictureXTracker, the tedious reallocation of pictures whose location has changed is now a thing of the past:

With just a few mouse clicks, PictureXTracker allocates the pictures to the corresponding QuarkXPress document, even for complex directory structures.

Advantages of PictureXTracker at a Glance:

  • The tedious reassignment of pictures whose location has changed is now a thing of the past thanks to PictureXTracker.   
  • PictureXTracker updates the assignment between the document and pictures by only a few mouse clicks, even for complex directory structures.
  • PictureXTracker allows the simultaneous reassignment of pictures to several documents.     
  • Embedded pictures in InDesign documents can be taken into account in different ways for editing with PictureXTracker.
  • With PictureXTracker , master pages can be included in or excluded from the editing process.

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