Functions for the working with picturebox, picturefiles and positioned Pictures in QuarkXPress

With PicTriX you are able to:

  • archive documents together with all used picturefiles and other files,
  • fit pictureboxes in different kinds of the included pictures of the box,
  • break the connection between loaded pictures and your picturefiles,
  • rename picturefiles of simultaneous keeping the filesconnections to the files,
  • reset the attributes to the standardvalues, which refer to the pictures within of pictureboxes,
  • save a list of picturefiles as a textfile, which is not classed as OK,
  • search for picturefiles in a folder, that is not classed as OK,
  • search and load non opened fonts, which are needed for the output of EPS-pictures in actuall document,
  • keep the adjustments of the Registercard Object->Modify->Picture by loading or inserting a pictures,
  • display a detailed view about every values, which ate known about a picture in a picture box,
  • show every pictures, that are positioned on the documentssites of the current documents and activate or display the accesory pictureboxes
  • open a picturefile in the program, which has created the picturefile





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