Photoshop Import XT

Import and print pictures in the original Adobe PhotoShop file format within QuarkXPress

Adobe Photoshop users can create and store images on various layers which combine to form a composite, fully editable image file. However, to retain this fully editable nature it must always be saved in native Photoshop (.psd) format. Standard QuarkXPress import filters do not support direct import of layered native (.psd) files. The image needs to be 'flattened' first and then be saved in a different file format. To overcome this loss of 'editability' users resort to space-consuming file duplication, keeping a .psd version and an EPS or TIFF version for print. Additionally, much duplication of effort is required if the original .psd file changes.

Photoshop Import XT solves this problem. Users can directly import native Photoshop images into QuarkXPress, even when images contain multiple layers. Clipping paths, Alpha channels and CMYK, RGB, Lab, Bitmap, Grayscale and Indexed colour modes are supported.

Key features:

  • Import layered Photoshop files directly into QuarkXPress
  • Save time and reduce errors, as you no longer have to flatten the image first
  • Save disk space. One file is needed for both QuarkXPress and Photoshop
  • Supports clipping paths and Alpha channels
  • Color models: CMYK, RGB, LAB, Bitmap, Grayscale and Indexed
  • Printable image format
  • Faster output to printer when printing color-separated
  • Compatible with QuarkXPress 6 and Adobe Photoshop 7 files

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