Finding and editing text overflow

OverflowXTerminator is a tool for finding and editing text overflow in QuarkXPress documents. Use of this tool means that with immediate effect, unnecessary, expensive misprints and misexposures caused by missing text passages are now a thing of the past.

In the preferences, you can define the commands which will activate and, if required, prompt a warning in OverflowXTerminator.

OverflowXTerminator searches for text overflow as soon as a document is opened, displays it and shows convenient tools for their editing.

OverflowXTerminator displays a list of all overset text in a document and offers the individual text positions for editing. By a mouse click, the frame can be vertically fitted to the text.

Clicking "Show Overflow" shows the relevant position in the QuarkXPress document and displays the relevant text box.

The text frame can now either be manually edited with the known QuarkXPress tools, or you use the "Adjust Frame Vertical" button to expand the text frame downwards until the complete text fits in.The entire document can be edited frame by frame in this manner.

This Is How OverflowXTerminator Is Used in Practice

1. Example:


Items are shown and described in a catalogue. The item number and price is usually found towards the end of the description. If there is a text overflow in the text frame, the price and item number will fall out of the frame. When the text is exposed, the most important information on the items is missing.


OverflowXTerminator displays the text overflow in time and misexposures are thus avoided.

2. Example:


The Mustermann staff save a document with OverflowXTerminator . The display shows that no text overflow exists. The company now forward the document to an exposure company using OverflowXTerminator . At this company, a different font weight is used and the font is wider than that used by Mustermann.


OverflowXTerminator provides an immediate warning if any text overflow in the document has changed since the document was last saved. This enables the exposure company to respond and correct any overset text.

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