OPI Swapper

swaps OPI layout data for OPI high-resolution data and vice versa

OPI_Swapper provides you with an overview of all picture frames in the document , with information of the current picture status, the paths to the low and high-resolution data and information on which files are actually available and which ones are missing.
After a document-wide picture swap, a swap log is issued which shows this information.

OPI_Swapper quickly and efficiently swaps OPI layout data for OPI high-resolution data and vice versa, and swapping is possible for several documents at once, for a complete document or by frames. As needed, low or high-resolution data can be loaded by a mouse click in documents.

You define your Helios Ethershare setting and assign picture comments in the preferences. The data entered here are allowed for in low and high-resolution data interchange

Advantages of OPI Swapper at a Glance:

  • OPI Swapper provides convenient functions for managing the low and high-resolution data of a document
  • OPI Swapper can be adjusted to any OPI system due to its wide range of preference options
  • OPI Swapper allows you to switch between low and high-resolution data without any restrictions as needed in a document so that the optimum mode can be selcted for each step
  • With OPI Swapper you can carry out a reassignment for several documents at once. All open documents can be edited in one go.
  • In InDesign, embedded pictures can be included in or excluded from editing with OPI Swapper
  • OPI Swapper assigns picture comments to the low-resolution data pictures wich are now evaluated. Based on the picture comments, the picture assignment of the low and high-resolution data can be independently carried out by OPI Swapper when the documents are returned after having been shared.

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