MathMagic Pro

Build and write mathematical expressions within QuarkXPress

MathMagic (P'Mac/Mac/PC) MathMagic provides an intuitive and easy-to-use
interface to write and edit any mathematical expressions within the QuarkXPress documents. In addition, it supports the import/export of TeX, the professional mathematical expressions markup language.
MathMagic provides point-and-click interface to build equations. All the mathematical symbols have been organised for easy access, and they also can be integrated into a customizable user palette. Key features, such as the macros and user items palette and baseline-savvy equations, let designers handle equations more easily and more flexibly to obtain high productivity without any loss of time. Designers can correct and modify their work on the fly with the intuitive interface and don't need to switch into external applications for modifications. Also they can take full advantage of the exclusive mathematical symbol PostScript fonts for professional desktop publishing.

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