monitor the progress of your magazine's editions through a web browser

MagazineXT is an efficient QuarkXPress® XTensions® that allows you to monitor the progress of your magazine's editions through your web browser while being produced. Sending e-mail previews of quark pages and reducing costs due to the warning alerts provided by MagazineXT, are many of the features you can benefit from.Features & BenefitsAn XPort feature allows you to electronically export a preview of your magazine in HTML format. The HTML Preview is exported in specified time increments, or when the document is saved so that you continuously monitor your job status through your system's web browser.Access a thumbnail preview of the magazine's pages as they are being produced and a full preview of each page. In addition, you can preview previously published issues.Simply select a desired date, specify the range of pages you want to preview from previous editions of the magazine, and the selected portion of the magazine is accessible right from your system's web browser.MagazineXT guarantees you total control over your magazine and allows you to be updated on its progress at all times.MagazineXT provides you with the opportunity to e-mail from QuarkXPress the preview of your pages which enhances the communication process and facilitates the flow of work.A Warning Manager alerts you to different problems through a customized warnings list. Based upon your own preferences, MagazineXT displays warnings for:

  • Missing picture files
  • Overflowed text boxes
  • Cropped pictures
  • Pictures having:
  • A Resolution under a predefined dpi value
  • A predefined color mode (RGB, HSB, LAB, Grayscale, etc...)
  • A specific file format (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, EPS, PSD, etc...)
  • Non-uniform scaling ratios

With MagazineXT, receive automatic and customized warnings based on your own set of preferences about different problems in your document's items through the "Warning List".

A mistake-free operation allows you to save valuable time and money and to say goodbye to all costly design and pre- and post-printing errors.




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