Collation and revision tracing

Whenever you have different versions of a text in use, or you have different users working on, looking after, altering or releasing different versions of texts, you face the question of how to check for collation and revisions. MadeToCompare for InCopy provides the answer. This innovative Plug-In provides precisely this functionality and is the most reliable text verifier for InDesign and InCopy based publishing environments. It analyzes versions of open InCopy documents and then presents all text-related discrepancies in a dynamically-generated HTML document. MadeToCompare identifies quickly and accurately words that have been changed or omitted, spaces which have been added or deleted or paragraphs which have been displaced. At the end of the process, the results from the searched documents are contrasted by means of the browser, and all differences are pinpointed with the help of punctuation marks.


  • provides effective protection against errors resulting from revisions and alterations to texts
  • ensures greater accuracy and consistency where a number of staff are involved in working on a text
  • represents an enormous potential saving in the time and effort required for making corrections and alterations
  • combines ease of use with high performance
  • can be integrated into Softcare K4 and Woodwing SCE


  • takes texts from two InCopy documents and looks for discrepancies
  • creates HTML files which list and chart all differences
  • can display results in a choice of view modes
  • works from all InCopy modes (page proofs, sections of text, layout)

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