LivePicture XT

Presents pictures in QuarkXPress in a 24bit quality and high-resoluted up to 1200%

With the XTension LivePicture it is finally possible to present high-resoluted images directly in QuarkXPress with a zoom range up to 1200 % and to work on. Even rotated and scaled pictures can be presented in 24bit quality on the screen. The XTension allows to display precisely trim paths and text layout around picture edges.

The picture stays in RGB mode until output, changes are possible without scanning again. Also color separation in a high quality and unsharp masking are possible directly in QuarkXPress. To accelerate the workflow, compressed IVUE/FlashPix pictures can be used, which can be replaced by high-resoluted images during the output. If LivePicture is not in use, it converts each picture format supported by QuarkXPress autmatically in IVUE/FlashPix format. 


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