Creating of frames for captions, credits and subheads

Link&Layout is primarly dedicated to the usage with QPS, Quark Publishing System. Generating of frames for captions, credits and subheads can also be done with a normal QuarkXPress program.

Link&Layout provides two alternatives for usage. You can create predefined frames and captions and picture frame credits in the QPS layout. You can automatically chain up these frames and all predefined frames (subheads and continous text). Thus you have the opportunity to link all text elements of an article up to a text chain, at last one QPS article contains all text parts concerning an article.

With Link&Layout you can create predefined frames for captions and credits. If there are already frames in the text, these can be marked as subheads to allocate to the appropriate article when refreshing the chain.

All caption and credit frames are connected with the picture. This connection affects as well the position as the width. The caption frame can also be rotated in an angle of 90 degrees, or a credit frame can be positioned underneath. Whenever the picture frame is changed, the other frames automatically change, too.

Integration of subheads
Within an article specific text passages shall be pointed out as subheads. These subheads often are in a separate text frame, which can be considered during chaining with the help of Link&Layout.

Simpliest updating
After you have captioned and credited pictures in the QPS layout and created subheads and following frames, all chains within the whole document can easily be actualized.


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