Imposing PDF documents

JoUp is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat used to impose PDF-documents. It is intuitive and very easy to use. The document to be imposed should already be opened and a JoUp template to be selected. JoUp then creates a new PDF-document with all the pages necessary to make a new imposed document.
JoUp has built in functions for creating templates in WYSIWIG mode. Both simple and complex imposing schemes can be made very easily. JoUp adds drag and drop features to Acrobat for placing registration marks anywhere on the template and for moving objects around the page.

Several of the more advanced features are:

  • a second template, if page count does not match the main template
  • automatic spot color bar
  • lining out for proofing
  • choosing a page range for imposing
  • Hot folder support for workflows (JoUp Pro)



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