Receive customized warnings on errors in a QuarkXPress-Document

JobXPort allows you to receive customized warnings on errors and to electronically export the document preview in HTML format, using several Templates. JobXPort allows you to eliminate publishing confusion and to improve efficiency. It leaves no room for mistakes and eliminates errors in your document. Your print job comes off-press on time, within budget, and with the artistic results you envisioned.

Reduce Cost
With JobXPort, say goodbye to all costly design and pre- and postprinting errors. JobXPort saves you valuable time and money and ensures that no last-minute mistakes are found in the final stage of
your print job. A mistake-free operation translates into increased revenues. No more extra charges or wasted staff time. You can run a more efficient operation, freeing you up to produce bigger and better publications.

Improve Efficiency
JobXPort gives you total control over the job because you monitor its status electronically at all times through any web browser. JobXPort puts it all at your fingertips!

A Warning Manager alerts you about different problems through a customized warnings list. Upon your own preferences, JobXPort displays warnings for:

  • Missing picture files
  • Overflowed text boxes
  • Cropped Pictures
  • Pictures having:
  • A Resolution under a predefined dpi value
  • A predefined Color Mode (RGB, HSB, LAB, Grayscale, etc...)
  • A specific file format (JPEG, TIFF, PICT, EPS, PSD, GIF, etc...)
  • Non-uniform scaling ratios



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