JobSlug Pro

Collect information about an XPress document

Keeping track of document revisions isn't easy, and every time a document is printed out, it adds to the puzzling paper trail around the office. There's no need to wonder whose document is coming out of the printer. Let JobSlug Pro tell you!

Why is this JobSlug Pro and not just an upgrade of JobSlug?

There are many reasons but the two biggest reasons are features and the way JobSlugs perform. JobSlug Pro has the following enhancements over JobSlug.

  1. Individual JobSlug information can be applied to a text box.
  2. TimeStamp is incorporated into JobSlug Pro.
  3. Option to have labels excluded.
  4. Job Information tracking.
  5. Seven customizable data fields.
  6. Visual Indicators allow you to easily identify JobSlugs.
  7. JobSlugs can be locked to certain computers that allow the JobSlug to be updated only when it is on certain computers.

This is a new way of creating job slugs for your jobs. JobSlug Pro attaches a self-updating slug to a QuarkXPress document that includes the last time a file was modified, when it was last output and which fonts and colors were used in the document. The slug updates whenever the document is printed so the information that appears on your printed copy is as current as possible.

JobSlug Pro allows you to attach full JobSlugs to a text boxes and it allows you to create JobSlugs with selection document information. Create the JobSlug that fits your needs. JobSlug Pro can display these items:

Job Data - Specific information you enter about the project:

  • Client Name
  •  Job Number
  •  Job Name
  •  Artist Name
  •  In Date
  •  Due Date
  •  Job Notes

Document Data- Specific Information extracted from the project:

  •  Imported Graphics
  •  Last Printed Time
  •  Fonts Used
  •  Spot Colors
  •  Last Time Document Was Saved
  •  Project or Document Name

Custom Data - Seven User Modifiable Fields for your own data.

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