Allows the creation of index pages

Ind'X allows the creation of index pages of any number of QuarkXPress documents.

Features include:

  • The keywords to an index are read from a text file, thus easing the creation of their list; and in the case of database publishing, allows the use of database generated word lists.
  • Multiple QuarkXPress documents can be selected for indexing.
  • The index pages can be based on an existing master page.
  • “Letter Breaks” can be assigned a style sheet and can have extra text prefixed and/or suffixed around the Letter Break
  • Keyword/page number entries can also be assigned style sheets.
  • The keyword/page numbers separator can be specified.
  • The pages numbers' separator can be specified.
  • Consecutive pages number entries can be condensed into start-end page ranges.
  • The index search can be case sensitive.
  • Index pages created by Ind'X are ignored during consecutive searches, allowing the creation of multiple indexes per document.

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