Index Builder

Powerful Indexing Software for Catalogers

MPS Index Builder is a software module for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign that provides a very powerful set of tools for creating catalog indexes. Unlike standard indexing products, MPS Index Builder was designed to serve the special needs of catalogers, with a number of unique features that make the product ideal for catalog workflows.

Create Multi-level Product and Manufacturer Indexes

Many catalogs include both Product and Manufacturer indexes, so we designed the MPS Index Builder software to handle both! Index entries can be up to four levels deep and can be attached to any group or “Product Block” in your catalog pages.

Each tagged group can contain up to 10 distinct entries, and the entries are permanently stored with the document content. In addition, if you are one of our many AutoPrice customers, you will also be able to extract SKU information to include in your final index.

Import and Export Features

Index entries can be entered by hand at any time, or imported from a tab-separated text file. Since most catalogers already have a hand-built index from the last catalog, it is quite easy to import the old index, make changes, and start tagging for the future. Index entries can also be saved, exported and shared by any other workstation.

Span Hundreds of Documents

Many catalogers create their catalog as separate pages, spreads, or sections, requiring that the index span across hundreds of individual documents. The built-in batch processing feature of MPS Index Builder will process any number of individual QuarkXPress or InDesign documents in a single session. A complete index can be created within minutes and can be updated at any time.

Awesome Floating Palette Interface

You might expect a Meadows product to provide a simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface, and MPS Index Builder is no exception. One of our finest designs, the unique MPS Index Tagger floating palette provides complete control over all of the indexing functions, with a special set of preferences and controls for scrolling, resizing, and sorting the index entries. There are also a number of handy shortcuts and preferences for on-the-fly proofing, testing and styling.

Works Well with Pick-up Catalogs

Because all of the index entries are stored with the document, your pick-up catalogs will be tagged and ready to go. Copying a tagged group or product block from one page or document to another retains all of the previous index information.

AutoPrice™ and GroupPicture™ Support

MPS Index Builder is also compatible with our GroupPicture software, which allows you to create, save, and database your product blocks with embedded index information. This combination works great with most image database applications. In addition, the saved product blocks can contain AutoPrice database links, which let you quickly update specific content directly from an ODBC or flat-file database.

Imagine the Possibilities...

Imagine, querying a database application for SKU information, dragging a fully-formatted product block onto your QuarkXPress or InDesign page, automatically updating pricing or other information within the block, and then cranking out a catalog index. All this is possible using the Meadows suite of catalog software!


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