Collects your fonts used in your QuarkXPress document

If you’ve ever gone through the last-minute rush gathering screen and printer fonts to get a QuarkXPress document ready for output, FontXpress is the application for you. The FontXpress application works by cleverly reading the report generated by the Collect for Output feature in QuarkXPress. FontXpress checks out the report, looks for necessary fonts (screen and printer), and copies them to the same folder used by QuarkXPress during the Collect for Output process. FontXPress even retrieves the fonts specified in imported EPS graphics. And FontXpress is tireless. If it can’t find the fonts it needs in your System Folder, it searches your start-up hard drive, then any hard drive connected to your machine, until all fonts are located, copied, ready to go. Next time, use FontXpress to help get your print job ready for output, without the last-minute rush.

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