detects most common font problems

FontDoctor lets you scan, analyze and detect most common font problems. With FontDoctor, you can identify defective or suspicious components and conflicts in all the fonts on your hard disk, floppies, and CDs * with 100% accuracy.
Font problems are among the most common and elusive that Mac users have to deal with. System crashes, incorrect printing, Type 1 and PostScript® Errors, numbering and naming conflicts * this is just a partial list of problems potentially caused by fonts.
Conditions from minor non-conformance that may not effect the font*s performance to a serious corruption which can cause major problems are identified using informative messages.

Font Doctor features include:

  • Check Font File Structure
  • Check For Duplicate Fonts
  • Check Extra Font Sizes (with ATM*)
  • Check For Mixed Fonts Types
  • Check For Missing PostScript Fonts
  • Check For Font ID Conflicts

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