Copyfit text to box, box to text, and fit box to picture

FitInXT is a desktop publishing copyfitting solution designed to allow publishers, to automatically adjust and copy fit text within a QuarkXPress box. FitInXT is used mainly by operators working in the layout departments of newspapers and magazines. FitInXT is a user-friendly Quark XPress XTensions™ that saves time by transforming complicated manual text copy fitting tasks into exceedingly simple procedures.Now, you can quickly and instantly copyfit text to box, box to text, and fit box to picture. With FitInXT, you can choose one or more attributes to create your own fitting style sheets and then save them once and for all.FitInXT enables you to insert inter-box and inter-column rules using predefined and easily edited rule style sheets. You create these style sheets once and enjoy their properties for as long as you wish. To achieve conformity, you can even have your colleagues abide to the same style sheets.FitInXT allows you to temporarily display overflowed text by a simple mouse click on the red text overflow mark at the lower right corner of the text box. You can also receive warning of text overflow while printing.FitInXT eliminates those manual, repetitive and annoying tasks, known in the publishing business for wasting valuable time and money! It is time to bid farewell to those manual copy fitting tasks which, for too long, have taken so much of your time and energy.


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