ex Zones & Editions

Duplicate QPS projects with attached articles for XPress and QPS

ex Zones&Edition is an XTension for QuarkXPress and QPS which allows to duplicate QPS projects and/or contents of QPS projects including attached QPS articles.
ex Zones&Edition offers the Page Content Assignment palette which allows the customer to select and tag objects on the page which have to be copied and those which are not needed on the target page. So page headers, lines and pagination might not be needed on the target, but a previously placed ad or QPS articles with pictures belonging to those articles have to appear there. Unneeded objects are grayed out as long as the Page Content Assignment palette is visible. So it is easy to get an overview of the items which have already been tagged.
When using master pages, items on these pages could also be tagged. Depending on the workflows most of the objects on a production layout page should contain the correct information and production speeds up.

It is possible to create a new QuarkXPress project as an edition, or to create a new QuarkXPress project as a zone or to copy articles and layout items into an existing QuarkXPress project. In each case the names of the new documents will be generated automatically. A prerequisite is an unmistakable syntax for the documents names.
Additionally QPS header fields can be inherited to the new documents automatically

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