ex XMLConverter

Export and import of QuarkXPress files, using XML-description files

ex XMLConverter enables the export and the import of QuarkXPress files, using XML-description files. Data transfer includes all relevant data needed for the description of a QXP document, including the QXP defaults. The structure of the XML-description files follows the affiliated DTD 'QXP Document.dtd'.

Using ex XMLConverter you can import or export complete QuarkXPress documents including geometry, and all the content from or into an XML file. Pictures (including path information) , and text as XPress-Tags are processed. Preference settings allow the definition of import and xxport folders for the XML files.

If an image which has been assigned to a frame cannot be located, the ex XMLCoverter can issue a warning. A palette provides access to the import and export functions inside of the QuarkXPress program. An option to load images, allows ex XMLConverter to actualize the frames which have been created by ex XMLConverter after the fact.
All of the tags relevant for importing or exporting are contained in the ex XMLConverter extension -- there is no need to create a separate DTD file. A "QXP Document.dtd" is provided which contains the list of XML-Tags to be applied.

The following features are presented in the ex XMLConverter Palette:

  • XML - Import (with missing Image warning)
  • XML - Export
  • Load Image (to actualize images)
  • Shortcut keys

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