ex XML Exporter ID

Export of articles (including pictures and meta data) into XML format

ex XML Exporter allows converting of an InDesign document into structured XML-files (this works with just InDesign as well as with Woodwing). In this file format it is possible to illustrate the content of the print production page in different digital output channels like internet, iPad, iPhone, ePaper, etc.  To automate this workflow use the PlugIn ex FolderWatch ID or automate with an InDesign Server.

The ground settings of the PlugIn have to be set in the preferences. It is possible to set different configuration sets for each publication wich includes different settings for the XML export. The necessary definitions for these settings will be configured in the following tabs:

XML Assignments


This PlugInis part of the Export Solution "Print2iPad" for the automated and structured export of your print content to digital output channels like iPad, etc.

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