ex Compare

Compares revisions of QuarkCopyDesk-articels

The XTension allows to compare different versions of articles. So it is possible to check if changes and corections really have been done.

The differences between the two version can be shown in a HTML-window or in a browser window.

After selecting the comparism it is possible to select the revisions which have to be compared. The drop-down menus show the revision number, the time stamp and the user of the revision.
It is also possible to compare two different articles.

ex Compare shows the result  in columns in either a HTML-window or a browser window, depending on the . The first two columns contain the text of the articles, the third column contains the differences of the compared articles.

Each component of the articles is listed separately. The text inside a component is compared paragraph by paragraph.
The result can be printed, shown in a browser window or it can be saved as a HTML file.

The result shown as a browser window.

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