ex Collect4Print

Sorted printing of a arbitrarily number of documents and number of copies in one printjob 

The XTension ex Collect4Print enables a QuarkXPress user to print one, many or all documents consist in a folder in one piece without an interruption.

The XTension is very easy to use. It is a real added value if you want to print e.g. books or catalouges where the files are divided in sections and chapters. With the XTension you can print the desired number of copies in the right sequence without the need to open every single document to start the printing.

How it works:

The root folder where the QuarkXPress documents are set has to be choosen in the printdialogue

After choosing the root folder, all consisting documents are shown. The same applies to consisting subfolders.

The printable documents has to be choosen from the select list and will be shown on the print list. This list can be saved and reopened.

After the print list is ready the number of the printable copies have to be set.

The single printable documents of the print list will be combined in one printjob to avoid that other single print jobs come between the documents of the print list while printing.Therefore an  eps will be created from every single document of the print list. These eps files will be loaded into a temporary document wich will be printed. The needed adjustments will be set in the preferences.

The normal QuarkXPress print settings can be set as usual. The number of copies must be always 1, because this has to be set in the XTension dialogue.

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