ex AutoImport

automatically im- and export of text and pictures

ex AutoImport is an XTension for automatically import of text and pictures in predefined boxes and also for text export.

So it workes:

With a small palette you can create a "Category" with an applied import-folder. Files that are saved in that Import folder can be assigned to the actual selected box. After assigning files to all boxes the import can made for all with one Mouseclick.

In the preferences you can also define an automatically Import / Update. Therefore you can choose if the files should be imported / updated while saving / checkin to QPS and/or while opening / checking out.

A lock function enables to except single files from the automatically import / update. It`s also possible only to import / update only text or only pictures in the document. And it`s possible to change the path of a category later to exchange a path which doesn`t exist any more.
Ads with the accordant information and which are place with the ex Ad2PlanPro  can also updated by the ex AutoImport.

The text export works in the same easy way: Just make the assigning for the text boxes in the ex AutoImport palette and export with a mouseclick. The file format depends on the available Exportfilter in QuarkXPress®.

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