ex Artikel-Umbruch

Show and paginate (via drag&drop), a file system based list of editorial articles (XML Format) ) directly in QuarkXPress.

Editorial articles, included all metadata like publication, edition, section (4 levels), number of columns and other metadata are created in a database. 
All articles will be exported automatically in a filesystem structure (year:edition:publication) in XML format. These articles- included all meta data, will be displayed in a list (pagination palette) in QuarkXPress and can be placed via drag & drop on the production pages - as independent complete article shapes.

During drag&drop the XTension calculates 'on-the-fly' the complete article shape with proper width and height (adjusted to the amount of text) and creates separate boxes for headline and body. Text formatting is done via an extended Xtags format supported by the ex Directory XTension.

Anchored pictures boxes (including caption boxes) are automatically created if necessary. If the story is placed on the page, the status watch clour (Icon in the first column of the list) changes from red to green - increasing the reliability of the production process.

The paths for the file system and other parameter can be set in the general preferences:

Details concerning the data format can be set in the import preferences:

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