ex Addy

Automatically format your lineage ads by use of style sequences

ex Addy a new XTension for mass composition and ad make-up gives QuarkXPress users numerous new features to handle lots of text with often changing formats. It offers almost revolutionary style sequences with which uncounted number of styles can be linked, to change text within seconds. You no longer need to tediously typeset nor apply stylesheets paragraph by paragraph. To change the styles, every key combination can be defined as a divider (e.g. return or tab etc.).

ex Addy lets you type raw text without format, which afterwards is formatted by keystroke according to the selected style sequence. For instance classified text ads can be entered in the text program, one after the other, and be formated by mouseclick automatically and correctly. Even if a text within a box should have a different left inset, you can define each text inset side (ex Inset). ex Addy provides the possiblity to define leading, lines, font and word distance to adjust exactly to the box size (ex Justify). Or automatically adjust the box size to the text and/or space vertically. Another helpful feature is to create style sequences, font and paragraph attributes which can be copied from one text to another text by hotkey. If you need a proportionally correct quantity of text and picture frames on a page, a matrix function lets you do this by keystroke. The frames placed on the page are either based on a pre-defined distance or the page size.You can implement this with or without contents and if so selected, the frames can immediately be linked. All frames can be then horizontally or vertically mirrored.

The following XTensions are included in ex Addy but can also be purchased separately: ex Layers, ex FontPalette, ex Grids&Guides, ex Inset and ex Justify).

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