The DocuSlim EV (enhanced version) XTension goes through a QuarkXPress document and automatically directs the DocuSlim Image Robot Photoshop Plugin (included) to process images in various definable ways. It then reimports the new versions of images (leaving originals untouched) perfectly in place.


Additional features

  • Full control over which processing to carry out
  • Normalize Rotation and Skew by doing it in Photoshop
  • Change specified images to Grayscale
  • Process selection, current page, spread, pages, document and/or master pages
  • Several options for which images not to process
  • Control output names of new versions
  • Ability to create new folder with document images automatically
  • Ability to launch Photoshop automatically
  • Presets in order for complex settings to be saved, recalled and shared
  • Ability to process multiple instances of same image
  • Ability to perform additional Photoshop Actions
  • Ability to create lo-res FPO (for position only) images for OPI or ArtSwapper

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