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application for high-quality object-based trapping

Trapper 2.1's high-quality object-based trapping technology is now accessible as a fully automated batch process which accepts pages, including EPS graphics, from other sources.

Trapper 2.1 also adds the ability to automatically color separate trapped documents and output them directly to a wide range of imagesetters. Version 2.1 is an international version in addition to English, it also supports French, German, Italian and Spanish. And it also supports Color Central and Helios image servers.

The first external source supported by Trapper 2.1's automatic batch trapping is QuarkXPress®. Yes, QuarkXPress has some internal trapping capabilities, but it cannot trap embedded EPS files such as drawings created in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. Trapper 2.1 solves this problem by enabling QuarkXPress users to easily and automatically create high-quality object-based traps for all objects contained in a page, including embedded EPS files.

Trapper 2.1 can color separate files after it traps them, so trapped files no longer need to be color separated in another program. An Trapper QuarkXTension lets application for high-quality object-based trapping users set custom trapping and ink settings for a range of printed pages from within QuarkXPress To associated trapped pages with their high resolution images. And, Trapper can now resolve OPI (Open Prepress Interface) comments, removing the need to OPI servers downstream.

Trapper 2.1 Features:

  • Traps both intersections or entire objects
  • Automatic trapping of all EPS and nested EPS graphics
  • Manual overrides for all traps on an object level
  • Full control over trap color, directions and width
  • Supports unlimited spots and 4 process colors
  • Complete batch processing using Queue Folders
  • Direct color separation and printing
  • Supports OPI, DCS, Scitex APR, Color Central, Helios Enhanced control over automatic trap settings
  • QuarkXTension to set traps, inks, and color separations
  • Ability to "print" directly from Quark through queuing
  • Saves native job files for easy editing
  • Centerline traps under user control
  • Enhanced trap controls for text
  • Automatic trap color reduction
  • Automatic removal or existing traps
  • Automatic handling of metallics and varnishes
  • Overprint inks based on user definable threshold







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