Composition of XTensions for ad typesetting

DesignStation is a composition of XTensions, which support professional ad typesetting and are therefore especially useful for newspapers and magazines. It includes Celler, an XTension, which allows multiple duplicating in both directions. Starbust generates easily and fast stars, which are used in many areas. Autosave saves documents in adjustable intervalls. PictureScale, TextFit and other tools provide setting possibilities for text editing, frame and picture scalings. Shadow generates shadows for all frames, and it is possible to edit the color and opacity as well. JobFolder identifies all datafiles which are part of the document and copies them in an single folder. DocumentReport builds a complete report about a file, including all informations about fonts, pictures, style templates etc., and DocumentCompare allows comparing of XPress documents. At last AdLayout allows the fast creation of ads based on ready-made ad samples including automated picture import and text import out of ASCII data files.


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